Base Perfection


From Dibi, the cosmetic treatment that reactivates skin structures and exfoliates the epidermis in a functional way to make it more receptive and vital.



For all those who want a renewed face with smooth and vital skin. Ideal for complete exfoliation before a Dibi Method Beauty Protocol treatment cycle.



Cleansed and vital skin.
Smooth face



Velveting Cleansing Milk • PF009462
200ml bottle
Cleansing milk to effectively remove impurities, giving moisture to all skin types.
Veveting Tonic Lotion • PF009463
200ml bottle
Thirst-quenching and moisturizing lotion to complete the cleansing phase for all skin types.
Cleansing Eye Contour Micellar Gel • PF009464
200ml bottle

A fresh and light gel to effectively cleanse the delicate eye contour area. An innovative formula, free from aggressive agents.

Result: perfectly cleansed eyes, a bright look.

Renewing Exfoliating Scrub • PF009465
150ml tube

Soft face scrub that guarantees a 'mechanical' exfoliation thanks to exclusive microgranules. It encourages the renewal of the corneal layer to regenerate, smooth and moisturize skin and give it brightness.

Result: skin is smooth and pleasant to the touch.